A Chinese Inspiration

A pair of magnificent Chinese screens are the backdrop for garments from the legendary Chinese inspired Yves Saint Laurent fall collection of 1977 which are among the fashions featured in the exhibition” China Through the Looking Glass” at the Metropolitan Museum.

my inspiration
my inspiration

The color is worn away in areas but one can still make out the cranes,lotus,phoenix and other symbols which are said to be “auspicious” in Chinese art. Thought it might be fun to create a boxy plaid design with the image.

"Auspicious Symbols" Plaid
“Auspicious Symbols” Plaid

I think the above result would make a cool pillow cover

The distortions and reflections caused by the protective glass started to make an interesting abstraction. So I chose to try taking it farther by creating this contemporary riff on a patchwork theme.Panel Abstraction©2015

Finally I chose to break things up by incorporating the silhouette of branching tree peonies which symbolize Honor and Nobility.

Mudan Silhouette Floral©2015

This last interpretation may be a far cry from the original screen inspiration. But that is part of the fun of being a visual artist.

Till Next time,Bill

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