A Warm December

December has been unusually warm in this part of the northeast. Some folks are getting discombobulated. I am not complaining. Frigid temperatures will arrive soon enough. And it will be too cold for me to enjoy walks down to the river. Obviously the bare trees and dormant shrubs of winter make for a “different” kind of imagery. Fortunately my photo library has lots of pictures of scenery and foliage taken on warmer days. Like this one taken in late summer.riverside stairway photo

These pictures are an invaluable resource for the work I do. Camera phones have been very useful. I typically use the image as a jumping off point;adjusting color and eliminating detail to focus the eye. For this painting I chose to depart from the sepia tones of the photograph because I wanted a richer,more vibrant feeling for the end result.

I took a few liberties....well more than a few. But I think it evokes a mood
I took a few liberties….well more than a few. But I think it evokes a mood. Till next time,Bill

Available as a print hereRiverside Park Stairway painting by Bill Jackson

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