Peacocks In the Garden

One finds the most startling things while walking around this city. At the beginning of this new year I took a stroll across Morningside Park.  I walked by the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine.

Cathedral Of Saint John the Divine
Cathedral of Saint John the Divine

Next door is the Children’s Sculpture Garden and when I passed through I was surprised to find myself facing a white peacock. Now this is not the sort of thing that happens to me every day so I felt obliged to hang around for a while.

Peacock Inspiration
From what I gather he goes by the name “Phil”

He was quite patient with those of us in the garden. Evidently he is known in his neighborhood and has been a resident for a number of years.  He posed for a number of pictures.These pictures provided me with the beginnings of an idea for a design.Nature is always inspiring. Though I am not sure how “natural” it is to see a white peacock in the middle of Manhattan. Anyhow;for my re-imagining I chose to get rid of the metal fencing and place the creatures in a more idyllic setting. Here is the somewhat romantic result. Till next time,Bill.

Peacock Garden LR
Peacock Garden©Bill Jackson2016

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