Surreal Mashup

While viewing a stunning example of “Trompe L’Oeil” painting by William Harnett I had a flashback to art school days when students were required to go through this exercise. I never came anywhere near the mastery shown by Mr. Harnett.

Still Life-Violin & Music
Still Life-Violin & Music William Harnett

But I like the illusory,surreal quality of this type of thing.  Sometimes objects appear to float in space .

I have also been reviewing the illustrated diaries of one of my favorite botanical illustrators,Margaret Mee who spent decades documenting the plants of the Amazon. Her body of work is rich and evocative.Margaret Mee

Her paintings inspired me to incorporate tropical elements into a new  design I was experimenting with which featured two of my favorite subjects,porcelain and flowers.

porcelain treasures LR
Porcelain Treasures©Bill Jackson 2016

It was fun combining the various elements of lotus flowers,leaves,drapery and Chinese ceramics to create this slightly surreal look. Till next time,Bill

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