Envisioning Water Gardens

I have been exploring the theme of water gardens in my art work lately. In a previous post I mentioned the  ponds at the New York Botanical Gardens which are spectacular in summer with colorful displays of water lily and lotus. Wave Hill has a lovely pool as well.

Wave Hill Water Garden
Wave Hill Water Garden

These plants are irresistible as decorative elements in design.The lotus in particular is quite prominent in the decorative arts of China and Japan. This vintage kimono makes the most of highly stylized lotus leaf motifs .

Japanese Lotus Print Garment
Japanese Lotus Print Garment

So here are my variations on the idea of water gardens. In some of these images I attempted to create a sense of being within the picture.

lily pool ©2016
lily pool
Water Blossoms ©2016
water blossoms

In this image I wanted the viewer to have a sense of “spying” on the jaguar drinking from the pond.

Jaguar Lily Pond LR
jaguar lily pond


moonlit lily pond LR
moonlit lily pond

This year long blogging experiment exploring art, nature,inspiration and design is coming to an end soon. Still trying to figure what the last post will be..though it will likely feature some of my favorite subjects. Till next time,Bill.

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