Feeding Hummers

When we were really small kids our grandmother kept a vegetable garden and there were flowering shrubs and trees on the property.In addition she planted flower beds around the house.Phlox,hydrangea,iris,candy tuft and day lilies. We were in a rural area and there were enormous fields around us. Being an overly anxious child I worried about some of the critters surrounding me. Dragonflies really freaked me out. Bees and wasps were not my friends.The cats would occasionally gift us with the carcass of a toad or black snake. Turkey buzzards circled overhead looking for a meal.Among the many birds flying about were the Hummingbirds.They were so fast that I imagined them as small brightly colored torpedoes which might impale me with their sharp beaks. Seems silly now but many childhood fears are irrational.As I became older my worry of being impaled was replaced with wonder. How did they hover in the air like that? Why did their feathers look like rainbows? And after seeing a nest…how tiny must their eggs be?What were they drinking from those trumpet shaped flowers?

Now I find myself mesmerized by the sight of hummingbirds. Here is a recent image imagining these birds among the lilies.Hummers Feeding ©2016

As for those dragonflies that used to bother me?…Now we are buddies.

Art Licensing.com

dragonfly on my knee
Dragonfly On My Knee

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