Summer Road Trip

After a lengthy break I have decided to give this blog another shot. There may be a slight shift in focus as I am becoming more focused on nature photography. We will see what develops.Sometimes we start off in one direction and life has a way of altering our path;bringing up all manner of diversions and surprises.

I recently took a road trip with family members to visit relatives in North Carolina.We had not driven to this area in 15 years and parts of the route had changed considerably.We assumed that the modern convenience of GPS would get us through. But we discovered that GPS does not work in remote rural areas so we adapted as well as we could. There were a few unexpected detours but one happy consequence was our decision to stop at a farm in Delaware where we obtained some of the tastiest peaches I have had in recent memory. Much appreciated as a late frost in the northeast has resulted in a poor peach harvest in my area. These peaches were later transformed into a very rustic crostata which was enjoyed by all once we were reunited with our beloved aunt and uncle.

Delaware peaches
Delaware peaches on my aunt’s “Franciscan “plate

The area I am from borders the “Great Dismal Swamp” national wildlife refuge.The temperature was easily 100 degrees while we were visiting and we saw very few people outdoors. But I did venture out to take a few pictures. I went to the edge of the woods and took a few steps in when I noticed that the ground under my feet was no longer bone dry from lack of rain as the rest of the surrounding land. As my feet sank into the mud and mosquitos flew into my face I decided the photo I wanted was not worth the risk of snake bite.

swamp edge

But I got a few shots of my uncle’s garden which he still maintains as he approaches his 90th year.

garden melon

On a different note I got a few shots of the family burial grounds which are behind the garden.burial ground

I do not often visit cemeteries but it is hard to ignore the sense of history here.

While visiting a family member recuperating in a nursing home in another part of the state I noticed a bird cage in the lobby. I am not one to miss a bird photo opportunity when it presents itself so I got a few shots. The long tailed species was new to me and I discovered it is known as a “pin tailed Whydah”.Pin Tail Whydah

So there you have it…another source of inspiration for a design. In this sketch I paired the fellow with some stylized camellia blossoms. Who knew our road trip would result in new artwork?

whydah & camellia

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