Old Sketchbooks

I was recently rambling through my file chest searching for a watercolor of the front stoop of a place I lived some years ago.I have not found it yet but then again I am not entirely certain this particular painting has survived my periodic bouts of frustration which result in my discarding old work. Nonetheless I was surprised to find wedged in the back of a drawer one of my old sketchbooks from my art student days.As design students we were required to take a course which explored various furniture styles over the centuries.Hence my sketchbook of period furniture…inclusive of notes on distinguishing features. Some of the pages have yellowed considerably over time as you can see here.

old-sketchbookMy drawings are pretty loose and lacking detail….and the perspective is off. But I DO recall our instructor gave me a pass because she rather liked what she referred to as the “nervous quality” of my line work.sheraton-book-case

I think my “nervous” line work is more likely about my avoidance of straight lines and my preference for curves. Check out this table….georgian-table

But seeing these old forgotten sketches with a fresh eye put me in a mood to create a pattern quite different from what I am usually inclined to do….something far more quirky.


Might be an amusing wall paper print?

I had fallen out of the habit of keeping a sketchbook. Maybe it’s time to revisit the old tried and true.

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